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About Us

The Family Center is a non-profit community organization that provides resources and preventative education to empower families to successfully navigate life’s social, emotional, and physical challenges. 

Founded in 2000 by Diane Strickler, The Family Center offers programs on a wide range of topics aimed at building strong families and helping parents raise children and teens who will become competent, caring and responsible community members. 

Our Vision

To be the first source for building resilient families to ensure a thriving community

Our Mission

To deliver educational and community resources that empower families to successfully navigate life's social, emotional, and physical challenges.

Core Values

The Family Center works to achieve its vision and mission by embodying values that model the highest level of ethical behavior



We are authentic, reliable, trustworthy, and independent.



We recognize our obligation to hold the trust of our community through responsible and thoughtful leadership.



We accept personal accountability for our work, and we seek to ensure the sustainability of The Family Center through professionalism and commitment to our mission and our community.



We continuously seek to understand and support the diverse and emerging needs of our community by pro-active empowerment, excellence in programming, enhancing family skills and resilience, and promoting physical and mental health.

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

The Family Center is an inclusive organization. All employees, board members, ambassadors, members of the Association of Professionals, community partners, other volunteers, and program participants, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, age, disability, or sexual orientation, are valued and treated with respect. 

The Family Center's governing body actively seeks and encourages diverse membership within our board, staff, committees and advisory bodies. Furthermore, we expect everyone affiliated with the organization to embrace this policy and implement it in everyday practices.

The Family Center strives to understand, accept and value differences among people so that the organization fulfills its mission to deliver educational and community resources that empower families to successfully navigate life's social, emotional and physical challenges. 

2019-2024 Strategic Plan

Download a copy of our current Strategic plan by clicking on the image below

Support The Family Center

The family is the cornerstone of society. It is the perfect foundation on which to build communities; and the strength, health, and well-being of each individual family will collectively define the culture of the city in which they live. When families thrive, communities thrive.

The Grosse Pointes are rich with wonderful organizations providing activities and services to its citizens. The Family Center is among them, and yet stands alone in its far-reaching multigenerational approach to service. Devoted to not just one demographic or area of interest, we exist for the purpose of strengthening both the family and the family-community relationship. When family and community connect in meaningful ways, social trust is built to the benefit of all.

A donation to the Family Center is a gift to all of Grosse Pointe, as we, in partnership with all stakeholders, create educational, programming, and community engagement opportunities for all.