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Join the Association of Professionals (AOP)


The Family Center’s Association of Professionals (AOP) is comprised of professionals, practitioners, organizations and businesses that work with individuals, children, parents, and families.  


Our AOP provides avenues for service providers to connect with community members and offer valuable information in support of families. Membership includes an online listing for your business or practice, the opportunity to add events to our online calendar, the ability to provide valuable and relevant content, networking opportunities and access to the members-only section of The Family Center’s website.   


Become an Association of Professionals Member

 $120 annual membership includes:  

  • Private access with username and password to AOP members-only content on The Family Center website
  • Profile listed in two places on The Family Center website 
  • Ability to craft and update your own listing that is visible only to other AOP members. You will create your own profile and select preferences for forums, message boards and other features 
  • Access to message boards and ability to post to professional boards/forums visible only to other AOP members from your computer or mobile device  
  • Electronic notifications when The Family Center receives requests for referrals  
  • Ability to renew your AOP membership online  
  • Complete transaction and payment history for your AOP dues and paid events  
  • Invitations to networking “Meet & Greet Gatherings for Professionals”  
  • Professional workshops and/or educational events posted on The Family Center’s online calendar 
  • Option to provide expert content for the website on a consistent basis 
  • Serve as an expert in your field for Family Center podcasts and/or programs 

Your public profile will be accessible by all visitors to This profile will be listed on the page for local professional resources and is categorized by specialty. It will also be listed on all website pages that contain information relevant to your services. For example, someone who specializes in mental health support for children and teens would be listed on all the “Help for Families” pages that cover parenting issues. 

What the public will see:  

  • Company name, contact name  
  • Title, profession/business type  
  • Addresses: office, email, link to your web site  
  • Phones: office phone, cell phone  
  • Photo and/or logo  
  • Practice/mission/vision statement  
  • List of professional degrees, credentials, certifications and licenses  
  • List of practice or business specialties and services, affiliations  
  • Personal bio, years in practice/business  
  • Client ages served, credit cards and insurances accepted  
If you are interested in joining the Association of Professionals, or for more information, please email us at or call 313.447.1374 to arrange a meeting. 

Dues payment would be expected once you complete the application process. 

AOP Membership Dues - for RENEWAL only. 
If you wish to join the AOP, please contact our offices first.

The Family Center provides information about individuals and businesses on this website solely as a referral resource and does not endorse or recommend the individuals or businesses listed on this website. Each Association of Professionals member is solely responsible for the content of information provided about their business and services on this website.