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The Family Center: Resources for Families, Individuals and Professionals

Serving our community through programs and resources vital to today’s families.

Is a Safe Deposit Box a Good Idea?

Ask The Experts by Mike Kelly

Q: Should a will and other important legal documents and property be kept in a safe deposit box?

A: Individuals often keep their most important documents, property, even cash, in a safe deposit box at their local bank. A joint renter is often named to provide convenient access if the true owner of its contents dies. This approach makes sense for preventing loss due to theft or other causes like fire or flood.

However, there are many pitfalls to this approach as ...

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Connecting with Professionals

Ask the Experts by The Family Center Professionals

Q. As an attorney, my clients often trust me with other concerns in their lives - they may be experiencing depression, issues with their children in school/learning, concerns about their aging parents, and many others. I am not sure where to refer them but don't feel comfortable telling them I can't help. What can I do?

A. As a trusted advisor, people feel comfortable going to you for advice. And you want to feel comfortable with the information ...

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Positive Discipline: Practical Strategies for Peaceful Parenting

Ask The Experts by Susan Radzilowski

Q: I feel like all I do is yell at my kids without results. I'm not sure how to get them to listen to me otherwise. Can you help?

A: This is a common parental issue - and many parents would rather not yell all the time. There are ways to change.

Learning to use positive discipline strategies when your child's behavior is a concern can help transform problem behaviors into teachable moments. Your child will learn improved problem solving and enhanced communication ...

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Co-Parenting During the Holidays and Beyond

Ask The Experts by Annette Benson

Q: "Getting through the holidays with my ex-spouse and our children was very difficult. We fought about who had them when, who bought them what, and I was miserable. I don't think my children enjoyed it either. I would like to be able to do this better, for their sake. Are there ways we can make it easier on everyone?"

A: The holidays are generally a wonderful time of the year. Children love engaging in family traditions like decorating the tree, baking treats ...

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Healing After Loss

Ask The Experts by Marla Ruhana, LMSW

Q: My brother died a few months ago and I am always exhausted. I have heard that grief can cause many different feelings and responses, could this be why?

A: Yes, grief can make us feel exhausted as it's all consuming. There are different types and stages of grief. Anticipatory grief is when someone we love has battled a disease for a long time and we know the death is coming. Complicated grief comes after a death with no closure; sudden, tragic deaths, ...

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Annual Appeal

The award-winning Family Center celebrated 15 years of service in 2015. Ask the Experts Talks, Articles and Videos reached a wide audience; provided one million page views in the past 12 months; and nearly 100 Association of Professionals members formed a valuable referral network.

Whether caring for newborns, young children, teens, loved ones, elderly parents or yourself, The Family Center serves as a compass to guide you to the resources needed when navigating life's challenges....

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The Power of Winter Play

Ask The Experts by Mary Cryderman

Q: I'm curious about schools letting children play in the cold, snow, wind, etc. - should I be concerned about this when I send my little ones?

A: Bundle up your children before they go to school this winter because playtime outdoors is as crucial to their development as taking tests at desks.

Inspired by research from Finland, the top educational system in the world, where school children have 20 minutes of recess every 45 minutes throughout the day, the Detroit ...

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Why is my elderly parent so different when I visit in the evening?

Ask The Experts by Dr. Christine Chelladurai

Q: "My elderly parent has been diagnosed with dementia and has moved to an assisted living facility. The transition was difficult, but lately things have been going pretty well. I do notice, however, a significant change in his behavior late in the day and when I'm visiting, I'm not sure what is happening or how to help him settle down. What is this about and is there any way I can help him?"

A: When a person with dementia experiences changes in behavior ...

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Protecting Children in a Divorce

Ask The Experts by Sean Cleland

Q: I am considering a divorce, but I am worried about the negative effect that a divorce will have on my children. What can I do to protect my children?

A: You are right to be concerned. Children of divorce are at increased risk for problems such as depression and diminished academic performance. If staying married is still an option, it will take collaboration with your spouse and counseling to improve your marriage. If the decision is made to divorce, it will ...

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Are the Holidays Trying to Tell You Something?

Ask The Experts by Jennifer Raybaud

Q: "I'm already getting a little stressed about the upcoming holidays and all I need to do. I've been seeing things around about mindfulness and meditation, but I've always been a little skeptical. How does this help and should I try it?"

A: Fabulous question! May I begin by asking you to sit quietly for a moment and reflect to see if this season is trying to "speak" to you in some way? If, when we roll a little "mental tape" on past holidays we find the time ...

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New "Making a Pointe" Video

Making a Pointe, a TED Talk-like presentation on issues facing the Grosse Pointe communities, took place on Tuesday, Oct. 6, at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial. Co-sponsored by the Grosse Pointe News and the Grosse Pointe Chamber of Commerce, Making a Pointe addressed the challenges, successes and innovations found in our evolving community and looked at regional and national trends affecting Grosse Pointe and Metro Detroit.

See the Video >>

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The Heart of the Matter

Ask The Experts by Marla Ruhana

Q:  I've been in a relationship for seven years. Nothing is wrong per se, I just want us to be better. Can you help?

A:  You are not alone. Many couples get caught up in the daily grind and feel that since nothing specifically is really wrong, there is no need to seek help. Yet, with time, the demands of daily life can cause relationships to erode and couples to grow apart.

This erosion is unnecessary. I commend you for writing and recognizing the need ...

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Is it safe to send children to school with cold symptoms?

Ask the Experts by Nancy Ajemian, M.D.

Q: If my children have a high fever, but no other symptoms. Should I still send them to school?

A: If a child has had a fever within the last 24 hours, he/she should stay home from school. Fevers are an indication that the body is fighting some type of illness, so it is important to allow your child time to rest until the fever has subsided. Once the fever has passed and your child feels well enough to return to school, you do not need to keep him/her home....

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