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Making Modern Divorced Families Work: During and After the Divorce

Ask the Experts by Sean Cleland

Q: My spouse and I are discussing divorce, but I am worried that it will get ugly and hurt our kids. What can I do to prevent this?

A: There are four basic elements to obtaining a healthier divorce:

  • Focus on your post-divorce life. Divorce is the end of a way of life for you and your family, but it is also the beginning of the rest of your life. Your divorce is the time to make the transition into that new life as smooth and well thought out as possible. ...

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Turning Teen

Ask the Experts by Dr. Lisa Klein and Dr. Carrie Leff

Q: I have an 8-yr old daughter. I have noticed that she hasn't started puberty yet but some of her friends have. What is the best time to start talking about puberty with her?

A: Start talking about puberty BEFORE it happens! Don't wait for your child to come to you with questions about their bodies - that day may never arrive.

Most experts agree that "8 is great" when it comes to starting conversations about puberty. Research suggests that ...

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Author Jeff Jay Coming to the GP War Memorial on October 11, 2016

Be sure to read "Navigating Grace," a Grosse Pointe News feature article by Jody McVeigh with Jeff Jay on his book and upcoming presentation. Read More 

The Family Center in partnership with the Grosse Pointe War Memorial Association and the Grosse Pointe News presents

Navigating Grace - A Solo Voyage of Survival and Redemption with author Jeff Jay

In 1990 Jeff Jay set off in an old sailboat for the Caribbean, alone and unprepared, and almost died in a violent winter storm 200 miles ...

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The Hero's Journey

Ask the Experts by Jeff Jay

Joseph Campbell was an influential thinker, weaving together the stories of many cultures into a seamless narrative. His most famous book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, demonstrated that the travails of our individual lives and the teachings of the world's great religions have a lot in common - namely struggle, divine help (usually disguised), and deliverance.

Many such stories begin with an unlikely hero (think of Moses being orphaned in the reeds), who through divine ...

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A Healthy Brain for the Ages

Ask The Experts by Christine Chelladurai, MD and Jennifer Lacasse, RN

Q: Are there things I can do to keep my brain healthy as I age?

A: Today, there is a growing concern of development of cognitive impairments such as dementia and mental health issues as we age in the United States. With age, we often discuss promoting physical health but we must also focus more on the body-brain connection and factors that prevent mental and cognitive decline.

The brain is an amazing organ. Medicine has yet ...

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