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Depression and Anxiety in Screenagers

Ask the Experts by Nicole Runyon

Q: Shortly after receiving her first smart phone in middle school, I began to see changes in my daughter's behavior. She was more angry, retreated into herself and did not want to engage with the family as much. I have noticed her be more quite and withdrawn. She doesn't seem happy. Should I be concerned?

A: Yes, you should be concerned. This generation of teens spends so much time in front of a screen that they have been named "screenagers." They are addicted ...

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When Parenting Styles Clash

Ask the Experts by Marla Ruhana

Q: My husband and I were so compatible while dating and through our early years of marriage. Now that we are parents, we clash and seem to be drifting apart. We don't see eye to eye on parenting choices. What can we do to work together as parents and spouses? 

A: I empathize with your current struggle but I am confident it is a bump in the road. Many couples differ initially as they enter relationships with varying learned behaviors from their childhood. ...

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The ABCs of Safe Sleep

Ask the Experts by Lacea Zavala, MSW, LMSW

Q: I keep hearing about the ABCs of Safe Sleep. What are they and how can caregivers best protect infants while they sleep?

A: September is Infant Safe Sleep Awareness Month in Michigan, as proclaimed by Gov. Rick Snyder, and first lady Sue Snyder is working to support statewide initiatives to combat the nearly 150 preventable infant deaths annually in the state due to unsafe sleep environments. At that rate, we are losing one baby every three days, ...

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Senior Living Options to Consider

Ask the Experts by Andrea Wedge

Q: My parent(s) are aging and I'm not sure if they should consider a move. If they do when and where should we consider? What is a CCRC?

A: Whether you are part of the baby boomer generation, the sandwich generation or find yourself in a unique situation with aging parents or spouse, you know that this conversation/decision is not an easy one. There are so many options out there - educating yourself, let alone your parent or spouse can be an overwhelming task; ...

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Home-based Counseling

Ask the Experts by Natalie Thompson

Q: I have been considering therapy for quite some time. However, with my schedule, I don't know how I could find the time. I'm also concerned about feeling comfortable, or making it public that I am seeking help. I've heard of home-based counseling but assume there are specific criteria to be eligible? Is this an option for me?

A: Remember back in the day when doctors made house calls? This type of modality is making a steady comeback and now those who wish ...

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