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A Healthy Brain for the Ages

Ask The Experts by Christine Chelladurai, MD and Jennifer Lacasse, RN

Q: Are there things I can do to keep my brain healthy as I age?

A: Today, there is a growing concern of development of cognitive impairments such as dementia and mental health issues as we age in the United States. With age, we often discuss promoting physical health but we must also focus more on the body-brain connection and factors that prevent mental and cognitive decline.

The brain is an amazing organ. Medicine has yet ...

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Depression and Anxiety in Screenagers

Ask the Experts by Nicole Runyon

Q: Shortly after receiving her first smart phone in middle school, I began to see changes in my daughter's behavior. She was more angry, retreated into herself and did not want to engage with the family as much. I have noticed her be more quite and withdrawn. She doesn't seem happy. Should I be concerned?

A: Yes, you should be concerned. This generation of teens spends so much time in front of a screen that they have been named "screenagers." They are addicted ...

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When Parenting Styles Clash

Ask the Experts by Marla Ruhana

Q: My husband and I were so compatible while dating and through our early years of marriage. Now that we are parents, we clash and seem to be drifting apart. We don't see eye to eye on parenting choices. What can we do to work together as parents and spouses? 

A: I empathize with your current struggle but I am confident it is a bump in the road. Many couples differ initially as they enter relationships with varying learned behaviors from their childhood. ...

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The ABCs of Safe Sleep

Ask the Experts by Lacea Zavala, MSW, LMSW

Q: I keep hearing about the ABCs of Safe Sleep. What are they and how can caregivers best protect infants while they sleep?

A: September is Infant Safe Sleep Awareness Month in Michigan, as proclaimed by Gov. Rick Snyder, and first lady Sue Snyder is working to support statewide initiatives to combat the nearly 150 preventable infant deaths annually in the state due to unsafe sleep environments. At that rate, we are losing one baby every three days, ...

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Senior Living Options to Consider

Ask the Experts by Andrea Wedge

Q: My parent(s) are aging and I'm not sure if they should consider a move. If they do when and where should we consider? What is a CCRC?

A: Whether you are part of the baby boomer generation, the sandwich generation or find yourself in a unique situation with aging parents or spouse, you know that this conversation/decision is not an easy one. There are so many options out there - educating yourself, let alone your parent or spouse can be an overwhelming task; ...

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Home-based Counseling

Ask the Experts by Natalie Thompson

Q: I have been considering therapy for quite some time. However, with my schedule, I don't know how I could find the time. I'm also concerned about feeling comfortable, or making it public that I am seeking help. I've heard of home-based counseling but assume there are specific criteria to be eligible? Is this an option for me?

A: Remember back in the day when doctors made house calls? This type of modality is making a steady comeback and now those who wish ...

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Raising Young Men and Women in a Culture of Sexual Assault

Ask the Experts by Mary Petersen

Q: With so much sexual assault rampant these days, I worry about raising teenagers in our society.  How can you help me?

A: Human beings have lived in a culture of sexual assault for centuries. What's different today is that we talk about it more, and thus we have a better chance to help our children consciously break the cycle.

Young men and women are in a particularly vulnerable position: they are innocently growing into developing adult bodies and minds.&...

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Reduce Inflammation with Better Food Choices

Ask the Experts by Stephanie Popso

Q: What can I do to reduce inflammation in my body?

A: Surface level inflammation is commonly described as pain, heat, swelling and redness. Below the surface, inflammation develops without pain and can lead to obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

There are many causes of inflammation including diet, stressors, environment, physical injury, environmental factors and genetics.

Diet and stressors are the contributing factors that are the easiest to ...

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Recognizing and Preventing Delirium in People with Dementia

Ask the Experts by Christine P. Chelladurai, D.O.

Q: My husband has dementia, and we are adjusting to his normal decline. I have also heard about something called delirium that affects dementia patients. What is it and what should I know to look for?

A: Delirium is a brain disorder that causes a worsening state of confusion usually due to one or more inciting factors.  People who have delirium have trouble paying attention, orientation (knowing where they are or what day it is) and fluctuating ...

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Help for Seasonal Allergies

Ask the Experts by Milind Pansare, M.D.

Q: My son has seasonal allergies and this year has been particularly rough for him. What are some things I can do at home to help alleviate his symptoms?

A: According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, allergies are the third most common chronic disease among children and adolescents. Asthma is also a major cause of hospitalization in children and the leading cause of school absenteeism.

The most effective ways to treat allergies are avoidance, ...

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Children with Autism or Special Needs Face Greater Risk of Bullying in School

Ask the Experts by Kristy Piana Schena

Q: With so much focus on anti-bullying in the media today, I am surprised by a recent statistic I just heard - that nearly 1 in 4 students report being bullied during the school year. That number is even greater for students diagnosed with Autism or students with special needs. What can we do as parents on a local level?

A: We can begin by teaching our children at an early age that not everyone learns the same way. It is our job as parents to help our ...

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Get Better Post-Surgery Results with Specialized Therapy Services

Ask the Experts by Rachel Schafer

Q: I am a 65 year-old male and have just scheduled an elective orthopedic knee replacement. The hospital is telling me I may need to go somewhere after for therapy before returning home. Why would I do that? I am not going to a "nursing home."  I have a wife and kids at home that can take care of me after surgery.

A: It's no secret that when a patient is discharging from the hospital their number one priority is getting home as soon as possible. After a ...

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Avoiding "Brain Drain" on Summer Vacation

Ask the Experts by Angelina Spiteri

Q: Now that my children are on summer break, how do we best avoid the "brain drain" and encourage them to keep learning throughout the vacation?

A: We never want to take away the simple joys of a child's summer vacation. At the same time, summers come and go. The demands of next school year will be here before we know it, and we don't want any of our progress from last school year to fade.

Children enjoy having structure, and it is possible to maintain a learning ...

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