Beth Walsh-Sahutske, vice president, The Family Center, addresses more than 200 attendees at the organization's annual fundraiser, HOLLYFEST, last Thursday at the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club. "The Family Center provides resources for life's issues at all ages and stages," said Walsh-Sahutske. "Our winter, 2018 free programming includes technology in the classroom, dementia, empathy in our youth, the role family plays in recovery and many more topics. As a mom and a school counselor, I see the need for information on these important and emerging topics every day."

The matching gift opportunity continues until December 31, 2017 - every dollar donated will be doubled, so make your year-end, tax-deductible contribution today!

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Matching gift opportunity!

Now though December 31, 2017, every dollar will be matched. Donate today!

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The Family Center: Resources for Families, Individuals and Professionals

Serving our community through programs and resources vital to today’s families.

Parenting: The Middle School Years

Ask the Experts by Scott Tily

Q: I'm the parent of an 11yr old boy, how do I help him and, to be honest, myself navigate the middle school years?

A: Attending middle school is an exciting and challenging time for both students and parents. With their rapid brain development, the onset of puberty and the subsequent rapid changes in their bodies, and the fluctuations of hormones in their system and the subsequent impact on their moods and impulse control, there is little wonder that at times adolescents ...

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Help with Self-love for Teen Girls

Ask the Experts by Erin A. Williams, LMSW, BCD

Q: As a parent of a 13 year old daughter, how do I teach her to love herself?

A:   There are so many ways to encourage self-love in a teenage girl, and despite what they may try to convince you of, it doesn't need to start with a trip to Somerset Mall!  

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Worrying Over Things Beyond Our Control

Ask The Experts by Marla Ruhana, LMSW

Q- Lately, I catch myself worrying so much over things like, is my best friend mad at me? Will I get a promotion? Will I have another baby, and if so, how will that impact our family? Will we lose our home in these difficult economic times? These worries go on and on, and I feel they are preventing me from living each day to its fullest. Is this normal?

A- Many people experience thoughts like yours. The good news is you are aware of them!  Others go ...

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Balanced, Healthy Diets

Ask The Experts by Zonya Foco   

Q: I'm raising a family of three teenagers and trying to make sure that we all get a balanced, healthy diet.  Here are some questions we have. 

Q: Oatmeal is so blah. How can we make it healthier but still satisfy our taste buds?   

A: Are you looking to sweeten your oatmeal with less calories and carbs? Let me make this suggestion. Instead of automatically trading sugar for one of those pink, blue or yellow packets, ...

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Cyber Bullying: Stop, Block and Tell

Ask The Experts: By Craig Anderson, Program Specialist, the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion

Q: I've heard a lot about bullying lately, I'm concerned as to how I can protect my children from cyber bullying?

A: "I hate you! Everyone else hates you! You should just die!"  Those hateful words have been shouted on playgrounds as long as we all can remember. But what if those words were in an email sent to your child or grandchild? What if they were sent to all her friends? What ...

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