Beth Walsh-Sahutske, vice president, The Family Center, addresses more than 200 attendees at the organization's annual fundraiser, HOLLYFEST, last Thursday at the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club. "The Family Center provides resources for life's issues at all ages and stages," said Walsh-Sahutske. "Our winter, 2018 free programming includes technology in the classroom, dementia, empathy in our youth, the role family plays in recovery and many more topics. As a mom and a school counselor, I see the need for information on these important and emerging topics every day."

The matching gift opportunity continues until December 31, 2017 - every dollar donated will be doubled, so make your year-end, tax-deductible contribution today!

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Matching gift opportunity!

Now though December 31, 2017, every dollar will be matched. Donate today!

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Serving our community through programs and resources vital to today’s families.

Developing Motor Skills in Pre-K Children

Ask the Experts:  Donna Tavalieri, PT  

Q. As pediatric physical therapist who works with a variety of professionals and children, I am often asked "What types of activities are best to prepare my child for kindergarten?" 

A. I have found that building a strong foundation of gross motor skills prepares children to meet the fine motor expectations they will be confronted with in kindergarten.   

Good gross motor skills provide strength, balance and coordination ...

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Are My Children Over-scheduled?

Ask the Experts: Mary Beth Garvey, LMSW 

Q: I feel like there is a lot of pressure to have my kids in multiple activities.  While I would like my kids to be involved in what interests them, I do worry about over-scheduling.  As parents, how can we help our kids strike the right balance? 

A: As our culture becomes more preoccupied with success, hyper achievement is becoming a norm in family values.  

There is pressure for the "good" parent to provide their children ...

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Helping Your Child Become a Strong Reader

Ask the Experts by Julie Bellovich 

Q. How can I help my child become a reader?   

A.  Learning to read and write is a critical component to a child's success in school and in life.  However, it is important to realize that reading involves a lot more than just sitting down with a good book. 

If you want to help your preschool aged child become a strong reader then you need to expose him/her to all areas of literacy.  Whether you are the parent of a young ...

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Living a More Stress-Free Life

Ask the Experts by Marla K. Ruhana, LMSW

Q: I don't know why but I feel so stressed out all of the time. Can you help? 

A: In this fast-paced world, many of us feel bombarded with life stressors. We also feel one stressor is eliminated and here comes another. 

Q: Yes, I get something resolved with my spouse and then I experience tremendous work stress. How do I stop the madness? 

A: Well, as it has been said, 10% of what happens to us in life is beyond our control, 90% of what ...

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Why do teens and adolescents rebel so much?

Ask the Experts by Georgia Michalopoulou, Ph.D

The teen years are a time of great change and intense growth, where many physical, cognitive and psychological changes are occurring. These changes often cause confusion and upheaval for both the parent and child. A parent, who is used to their younger child being cooperative and eager to please, may now be faced with an adolescent who opposes and asserts more independence. These behaviors are often part of normal development.

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