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Skills for Kindergarten Sucess

Ask the Experts by Beth Moran, Early Childhood Teacher

Q. What Skills Does My Child Need For a Successful Kindergarten Experience?

A. It is vital in the preschool years to provide your child with experiences to help him/her gain skills and build a foundation for school. But, does my child really need to identify colors, shapes, letters and numbers before entering kindergarten? The answer is YES! Kindergarten is no longer just play time. It is now like first grade used to be and our children ...

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Stuttering and Language Skills

Ask the Experts by Christine Yeskey, M.A. CCC-SLP, Grosse Pointe Speech and Language

Q: My child repeats words over and over and tends to get "stuck" on certain words and sounds. Is this normal?

A: What you may be describing is called a fluency disorder or stuttering. Children who have difficulty speaking fluently may repeat parts of words, whole words, entire phrases, or use fillers ("um") more often.

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Couple's Quest for Communication Success

Ask the Experts by Kim Steggles, M.A., L.L.P.,

Q: How can I get my partner to help more at home and with the children?

A: The way you deliver your request can make or break your partner's reaction. For instance, "Honey, here's this weekend's to do list. How can we tackle it together?" may be more effective than, "Don't make any plans for the weekend, we have a lot to get done."

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Baby Blues

Ask the Experts by Jennifer Buszka, MSN and Pamela Dzialak Moffitt

Q: My wife delivered our third baby two months ago and she is very emotional. How do I know if her crying is more than the "baby blues?"

A: Baby blues, which affects almost 80 percent of new mothers, usually begins one or two days after delivery and lasts two to three weeks. Baby blues rarely require treatment other than rest and support from family and friends.

Postpartum depression, on the other hand, occurs gradually and ...

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Healthy Lunches, Eat This, Not That

Ask the Experts by Dan Kellogg, Executive Chef

Q: I am a fourth grade teacher and notice that at about 10 a.m., my students suddenly appear tired or sluggish. I'm confident they are having breakfast, but are there "energy" foods that I could suggest to them and their parents?

A: Absolutely! Any breakfast that includes oatmeal, whole wheat cereal or whole wheat bread will provide lasting energy, without a lot of calories. Some kids may balk at whole wheat products but they do provide the most ...

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