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Making the Holidays Less Materialistic

Ask the Experts by Eric Herman

Q: During this time of year kids are bombarded with commercials to entice them to want a variety of toys and gadgets they may not need. What can parents do? How can we make the holidays more meaningful and help them appreciate the spirit of giving?

A: I have a few tips to help your kids learn the fun of giving, help curb materialism and reinforce the real reason for the season. Remember, it's not the gifts but what bind them that's important - the spirit of giving. ...

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Participate in Neighborhood Safety

Ask the Experts by Ryan Schroerlucke

Q: I've never been quite sure what to do if I notice suspicious activity or witness a crime. Can you please advise?

A: Crimes are frequently solved through partnership between the community and its police departments. There are many times when a resident will observe what they feel is suspicious but fail to report it as they don't want to bother the PD or they worry it may be nothing and cause embarrassment.

Nothing could be further from the truth - police ...

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Seniors Benefit from Sharing in Family Meals

Ask the Experts by Marian Battersby

Q: I often feel bad that I do not include my elderly father in our family meals. So many things intervene and I feel overwhelmed at the prospect of coordinating these events. How can I make this happen?

A: You are not alone with your frustration. A recent survey by Home instead, Inc. in North America indicated challenges. Approximately 50% of those surveyed do not have enough sit-down dinners with their senior relatives. This is true even when the senior lives ...

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Helping Toddlers Adjust to the Arrival of a Newborn

Ask the Experts by Patty Werner

Q. Our toddler was sleeping like an Olympian until his baby brother came home. How do I help my older child adjust to his new sibling so that he sleeps like he used to?

A. Toddlers can experience a wide range of emotions when a new sibling is brought home. It is important to acknowledge your child's feelings and encourage them to share them with you. It is common for a toddler to have difficulty at bedtime and overnight during this transition in your family. Here ...

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Alternative School Options for Teen Age Students with ADHD

Ask the Experts by Dean Dauphinais

Q. I'm the parent of a high school student who is struggling in public school because of some learning differences. Is there an alternative school option for them that may provide a better way to learn?

A. I feel your pain. My younger son's struggle with ADHD, anxiety, and learning began late in middle school. Although he was super intelligent and tested off the charts, learning and comprehending in a mainstream environment wasn't working for him. He did the ...

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The College Selection Process

Ask the Experts by Milissa Pierce and Beth Walsh-Sahutske

Q: My child just started high school. Is it too early to start talking about college?

A: Chances are you have been talking about college his whole life via favorite sports teams, family alma mater or some cool random mascot. That's great! Now is the time to explore beyond those familiar names to take a casual look at some other convenient colleges.

Visit local colleges or some near vacation destinations and take a tour- even if he has ...

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Tool or Toy: Educating Middle Level Learners on the Power of Cell Phones

Ask the Experts by Rodger W. Hunwick

Q: My child is entering middle school next year. My spouse and I are reluctant about providing a cell phone as an incoming sixth grader. Other parents tell us their older child(ren) have a cell phone and we've received mixed reviews about whether or not it's necessary. Please tell us the truth about Tweenagers and cell phones at middle school; are these devices used more as a tool or a toy at school?

A: The truth of the matter is tweenagers use their cell ...

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Tips for Getting Ready for Kindergarten

by Kristen DeVooght, Dorothy Heitjan and Kimberly Maddalena

Q: How can we as parents help our preschooler make a successful transition into kindergarten? Might you have some tips to share?

A: It is vital in the preschool years to provide your child with the experiences that will build the foundation for later success in school. In order to help your child build this foundation, parents should provide:

  • Hands on experiences. Dig, cook, build, paint and sculpt with your child. Activities ...

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Cooperative Parenting After Divorce

Ask the Experts by Sonya Thompson

Q: I feel like my ex-husband and I cannot get along. I am not sure how to put aside our differences - can you help?

A: Feeling hurt or angry is common. If you want to succeed as co-parents, the "co" has to mean cooperation.

Shifting roles from former spouse to co-parents can be challenging. Parents might find it difficult to manage anger or hurt without putting their children in the middle. Criticism of the other parent in the presence of the child can be ...

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Making Modern Divorced Families Work: During and After the Divorce

Ask the Experts by Sean Cleland

Q: My spouse and I are discussing divorce, but I am worried that it will get ugly and hurt our kids. What can I do to prevent this?

A: There are four basic elements to obtaining a healthier divorce:

  • Focus on your post-divorce life. Divorce is the end of a way of life for you and your family, but it is also the beginning of the rest of your life. Your divorce is the time to make the transition into that new life as smooth and well thought out as possible. ...

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Turning Teen

Ask the Experts by Dr. Lisa Klein and Dr. Carrie Leff

Q: I have an 8-yr old daughter. I have noticed that she hasn't started puberty yet but some of her friends have. What is the best time to start talking about puberty with her?

A: Start talking about puberty BEFORE it happens! Don't wait for your child to come to you with questions about their bodies - that day may never arrive.

Most experts agree that "8 is great" when it comes to starting conversations about puberty. Research suggests that ...

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Author Jeff Jay Coming to the GP War Memorial on October 11, 2016

Be sure to read "Navigating Grace," a Grosse Pointe News feature article by Jody McVeigh with Jeff Jay on his book and upcoming presentation. Read More 

The Family Center in partnership with the Grosse Pointe War Memorial Association and the Grosse Pointe News presents

Navigating Grace - A Solo Voyage of Survival and Redemption with author Jeff Jay

In 1990 Jeff Jay set off in an old sailboat for the Caribbean, alone and unprepared, and almost died in a violent winter storm 200 miles ...

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The Hero's Journey

Ask the Experts by Jeff Jay

Joseph Campbell was an influential thinker, weaving together the stories of many cultures into a seamless narrative. His most famous book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, demonstrated that the travails of our individual lives and the teachings of the world's great religions have a lot in common - namely struggle, divine help (usually disguised), and deliverance.

Many such stories begin with an unlikely hero (think of Moses being orphaned in the reeds), who through divine ...

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