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Family Center of Grosse Pointe & Harper Woods: Videos of our Presentations

Convenient. Educational. Maybe even inspiring.

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The College Selection Process: Keeping it Real and Making it Yours
Understanding Loss, Grief and the Healing Process for Families
The Road to Reading Success
Video: Our Toxic Stuff
Dementia: Time to Take Away the Keys?
Building Better Brains: Teaching Strategies That Work for Dyslexic and ADD Students
Raising a Reader
Mindfulness Meditation as a Method for Managing Stress
Making the Most of Technology in Your Family
Finding Normal in the Middle School Years
Modeling Adulthood: Powerful Methods to Lead By Example
Family Center Resource Partners Videos
Solutions for Solving Stress
How to Help Someone with Medication or Alcohol Misuse Issues
Hope for Tomorrow: How Biomedical Treatments May Help Children with Developmental Disorders
Celebrating Differences! How to Support Your Different Learner
Kindergarten III: Your Child is Ready - Are You?
Face-time vs. Facebook: A conversation for Mothers & Daughters
Kindergarten II: Making a Successful Transition Into Kindergarten
Healthy Cooking Demo with Executive Chef Dan Kellogg
LiveSafe Academy
KINDERGARTEN I: Get Ready!! - Core Curriculum
RE: Bullying Series
Peer Expectations During the Middle School Transition Years
Slow = Fast: 5 Practices to Become More Focused
Successful Couple's Communication
Healthy Lunches: Eat This, Not That
Sleep Struggles with Infants and Toddlers
Help with Ending 'Bedtime Battles'
Matters of Choice: Recognizing Signs of Unhealthy Relationships
Parenting the Middle School Years: Guidance on Helping Students Make Successful Transitions
Are Your Kids at Risk? Trends & Signs of Addictive Behaviors
The Spirit of Giving