TAKING CARE WHILE GIVING CARE: Coping with the Challenges of the Sandwich Generation

People who find themselves in the middle of caring for aging relatives while balancing the pressures of their own lives will enjoy this presentation and opportunity to meet with resource organizations.

April 17, 6-9pm at Barnes Center, 20090 Morningside, GPW, FREE

6-7pm: Visit resource booths
7-8pm: Presenters
8-9pm Visit resource booths

Stop It Before It Stops You! Successful Solutions for Solving Stress

Are you stressed? Do family and friends tell you need to take action to alleviate stress?

  • Learn the sources, symptoms, and consequences of stress.
  • Get compelled into action with well-established stress management skills and cognitive restructuring.
  • Learn the ability to cope with both short and long term stressful situations.
  • Move toward a greater balance, and control in your life.
  • Enjoy the positive effects of laughter as the best medicine.

7pm Presenter: Nancy Piatek, Nursing Unlimited
Nancy Piatek is a seasoned speaker with over 25 years in the health care industry. She is a member of the Alzheimer’s Speaker Bureau and the Parkinson’s Foundation Speakers Bureau. She is a spokesperson and Community Liaison for Nursing Unlimited. Her educational programs are delivered with her own unique style of humor and warmth that entertain, motivate, and educate audiences.

How to Help Someone with Medication or Alcohol Misuse Issues

Many older adults take medications for other than medical reasons.

  • Learn how mood-altering prescription drugs can affect older adults.
  • Spot the warning signs of medication misuse.
  • Develop strategies for medication education.
  • Understand the health consequences of medication misuse.
  • Help older adults to team up with doctors, pharmacists and other professionals.

7:30pm Presenters: Jeff and Debra Jay, Love First, Inc.
Jeff Jay is a clinical interventionist, educator and author. His work has appeared on CNN, the Jane Pauley Show, PBS, Forbes Online and professional journals. Debra Jay appeared frequently on The Oprah Winfrey Show. She is a noted author, lecturer and interventionist. They have a private practice in Grosse Pointe and are the authors of Love First, a Family’s Guide to Intervention.

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Title: TAKING CARE WHILE GIVING CARE: Coping with the Challenges of the Sandwich Generation
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Begin: Wednesday, April 17, 2013 06:00 pm
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Location: Barnes Center, 20090 Morningside, GPW
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