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Ask the Experts by Milissa Pierce, MA, LPC

Q: What are some good online tools to help with my college search?

A: There are many easy-to-use and useful tools that parents and students can use to aid in their college search. Most are free of charge and many will often help you personalize your search.

In the Grosse Pointe Public School system we use a tool called NAVIANCE which is an all-in-one tool that can not only help students search for colleges, but also compare themselves to other students from the district. The students simply log into the website from the school website using their assigned username and password. Once there, students select the COLLEGE bar and can personalize as well as compare and search.

The College Board website also has many helpful tools. Not only to prepare for the SAT/AP test, but also to search for colleges and scholarships. The link is called BIG FUTURE. Included are tutorials and search tools to explore what it's like to go to college and identify the things that matter most to you. It also includes up-to-date information about 3700+ colleges!

"My College Options" is another search site that also has an active blog where students post comments about their struggles and their experiences and includes expert advice to the questions posed. There are many great tools that families can use and have access to.

As always, make sure to monitor your student's online usage and share information only when appropriate.

Milissa Pierce MA, LPC, is a licensed professional counselor at Grosse Pointe North High School and has completed three additional courses in Postsecondary Planning to help guide her students through this challenging process. Ms. Pierce can be reached at 313.432.3224.

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Know How to Go for 9th and 10th grades
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Using Online College Resources for 9th and 10th grades
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Know How to Go for 11th and 12th grades
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Using Online College Resources for 11th and 12th grades
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