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Teen Years 13-18

Preparing for college, dealing with peer relationships, substance abuse issues and more are all in these articles of interest to parents of teens.

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It's all a Trap! Helping your Adolescent Identify the Thinking Traps that contribute to Anxiety and Depression
Raising Empathic Children in a Disconnected Age
Set the Right Tone when Talking with Your Teen
Online College Search Tools
Finding the Right College
Finding the Best College for Your Academic and Financial Situation
Teens & Screens: Locked Into an Online World
Raising Young Men and Women in a Culture of Sexual Assault
Human Trafficking Exploits Children and Youth
Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Dangers: Discussions with Youth
High School Graduates - Consider a Gap Year Before College
Alternative School Options for Teen Age Students with ADHD
The College Selection Process
Tool or Toy: Educating Middle Level Learners on the Power of Cell Phones
Turning Teen
Raising Young Men and Women in a Culture of Sexual Assault
Behavior Changes Can Signal Depression in Teens
Talking About Marijuana with Adolescents
The College Selection Process
Group Therapy Works Well With Teens that Are Abusing Drugs

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