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Middle Years 6-12

Ask the Experts Articles that pertain to the middle years of childhood, including subjects like making the transition to high school, coping with behavior problems and more.

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Reflective Listening Helps Parents Communicate with Children
Depression and Anxiety in Screenagers
Children with Autism or Special Needs Face Greater Risk of Bullying in School
The Consequences of Social Media on Adolescents and Families
Let's Talk Tech
Make Reading A Year Round Commitment
Executive Functioning: What is it & What Can I do to Help?
Finding "Normal" in the Middle School Years
Avoiding Childhood Obesity
Finding Peace and Balance in a Stressful World
The Middle School Years: Brain Matters
Finding “Normal” in the Middle School Years
Modeling Adulthood
The Middle Years - Empowering Your Child
Peer Expectations during the Middle School Transition Years
Parenting: The Middle School Years
The 40 Developmental Assets: Building Blocks for Your Child's Future
Common Childhood Illnesses & Infections
Cyber Bullying: Stop, Block and Tell
Low Energy Neurofeedback (LENS)

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